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Jodie is a qualified mindfulness trainer, lawyer and experienced consultant, workplace trainer, presenter and coach. Through specialised programs she works with individuals, teams, schools and corporate organisations to teach the skills of mindfulness and develop the self-awareness underpinning the qualities of mindful leadership. She runs regular Introduction to Mindfulness workshops, Mindful Learning programs for staff, parents and students at schools and tailored Mindful Leadership packages for corporates and other organisations.

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Top 5 reasons why mindfulness is essential to your business

Mindfulness reduces stress and increases your ability to handle challenges. Here are the top 5 reasons why mindfulness is essential to your business.


3 scientific reasons why mindfulness reduces stress

The epidemic of stress disorders we are currently facing in Australia is only increasing.


3 quick mindfulness practices to overcome worry

Whether we admit it or not, we all worry. You might worry about the big things, like relationships, your job or your direction in life. Or it may be small niggling things like your to-do list and stewing over a comment you wish you hadn’t made.


3 easy ways mindfulness can help your kids cope with stress

What do you do when your seven year old consistently complains that he can’t get to sleep because there’s too much ‘stuff’ in his head?


3 mindfulness secrets of star athletes

Its no secret anymore that the world’s best athletes are now using mindfulness to help them stay on top of their game.


3 ways mindfulness can help you overcome pain

Pain. We all know it, have it, and hate it. When your back aches constantly, or a relationship is going badly or ends, or you are suffering from chronic stress, anxiety or depression about work, it’s hard to focus on anything else.


How mindfulness helps you get off the negativity freeway

Do you often find yourself totally caught up in negative thoughts without realising, almost as though you’ve been taken for a ride? Here’s a simple way to recognise what’s happening and learn how mindfulness helps you get off the negativity freeway.


3 reasons mindfulness is crucial to an integrative health approach

This past weekend I attended the MINDD International Forum, a yearly 3-day integrative health forum for doctors, practitioners and lay people (like me) who are interested in taking a more holistic approach to their clients’ or family’s health.


3 simple tips for new meditators

On arriving at my first ten day silent vispassana meditation retreat at the age of 25, I thought I’d just slot right in. I was wrong. I spent the first day gathering cushions to place under my knees in various positions, trying to get comfortable.


3 reasons to use mindfulness to be with your feelings (and how to do it)

Feelings can be a gateway to either heaven or hell. Mindfulness offers us the freedom to choose which of these paths we take.

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