Mindful Athletes.

Maintain focus under pressure

For Athletes

Its no secret anymore that the world’s best athletes and professional sporting teams use mindfulness to help them stay on top of their game. NBA championship team the LA Lakers, world-famous rugby player Jonnie Wilkinson, Golfing champion Tiger Woods, Wimbledon champion Novac Djokovic, AFL team Sydney Swans, the Australian Cricket Team, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, basketball star Michael Jordan, the USA Women’s Ice Hockey Team, and boxing champion Katie Taylor have all used mindfulness to help them win gold.


Mindful Focus training helps athletes and teams to stay focused when the pressure is on. The practices, which range from just a few seconds to a few minutes bring athletes into ‘the zone’, the high performance moments where they perform at their peak with ease. Mindful Focus training also assists teams to be more attuned to one another, to play more efficiently and effortlessly together.


Research into the effectiveness of mindfulness training for high performance athletes has shown that they are:

  • More in tune with their bodily sensations and therefore better able to maintain their
    body’s natural balance.

  • More focused on the task in the present moment and therefore able to achieve higher performance.

  • Better able to deal with stressful or challenging situations in the moment, allowing them to make better quality split second decisions.


  • Maintain focus under pressure
  • Get into ‘the zone’
  • Increase peak performance
  • Reduce distraction
  • Make better quality split-second decisions
  • Maintain natural balance
  • Enhance enjoyment playing
  • Create team attunement
  • Higher team performance
  • Deal with pressure and stress


Mindful Focus training programs are tailored specifically for your team. Programs may run anywhere from two to ten hours, through half or one day workshops or weekly sessions, depending on the areas of need. Participants are taught short Mindful Focus practices to prepare for games, get into “the zone”, focus on training and overcome challenges during games or meets. Participants also learn practices to help with the distractions and stress they face during their normal busy lives and how to prevent that from impacting on their game.

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